What Is Rock Our World?

Rock Our World is an international education non-profit that works with students around the globe to collaborate in original music composition, movie making and meet each other in face-to-face video chats. Watch our ROW Game Show below to find more facts about this project!
Students make discoveries about each other and the areas of the world that they are working with!
During our project on Tolerance, actor Will Smith asked to be a part of Rock Our World!

ROW Documentary

This documentary shows how we move Garageband files around the world and how the project works. It was even shared with the President of the United States and the United Nations!
Are there ever any surprises at Family Night? Well, yes, there are! See it for yourself!
Our first global music video! Song sung by students in 40 schools in all 7 continents! Sung by: Stephen Petree and the Students of ROW 11

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